A Book At Bedtime

Emma Irlam Briggs (English, 1890-1950) – A Book At Bedtime (Oil on canvas) – – There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book. – Marcel Proust

Emma Irlam Briggs (English, 1890-1950) - A Book At Bedtime


Girl on a Bicycle

Georgy Kurasov (b. 1958, Russian Cubist Painter) – Girl on a Bicycle – – – Albertine, … at Balbec, incessantly in flight upon her bicycle, never to be found owing to the number of little watering-places where she would go to spend the night with her girl friends and where moreover her untruths made it more difficult to lay hands upon her… – Marcel Proust: In Search of Lost Time

Georgy Kurasov  - Girl on a Bicycle

Ryan Pickart – Odette

But let the lover be embodied in a painter like Elstir and then we have the clue to the enigma, we have at length before our eyes those lips which the common herd have never perceived, that nose which nobody has ever seen, that unsuspected carriage. The portrait says: ‘What I have loved, what has made me suffer, what I have never ceased to behold is this. – Marcel Proust

Ryan Pickart - Odette