November Frost

Mára a novemberi fagy megérkezett. A kertben a barna levelek az utolsó lélegzetükben sóhajtoznak, ahogy a földre kúsznak. A madáretető körül a tolongás borítékolható. A fagy harapja az orrunkat a meleg sapkák és kesztyűk izgatottan használatra jelentkeznek… (Kerepes, Hungary – Németh György fotó)

kerepes 77

kerepes 72

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Lady in an Interior

Sergei Arsenevich Vinogradov (Russian, 1869-1938) – Lady in an Interior, 1924 (Oil on canvas) – – Although the subject faces away, her figure, haircut and her shoes suggest that she is Vinogradov’s wife, Irina Kazimirovna Voitsekhovskaya. High ceilings and large windows create a beautiful interplay of light and shade and a sense of space which is so successfully conveyed by the artist in green and golden tones. The delicate pink of the model’s dress balances his chosen palette perfectly.

Sergei Arsenevich Vinogradov (Russian, 1869-1938) - Lady in an Interior

Roselyne in Arcangues

Helmut Newton (German-Australian, 1920-2004) – Roselyne in Arcangues, France (salon), 1975 (Gelatin silver photograph. Art Gallery NSW.) – – Private Property is a mixture of fashion, portraits and erotica from 1972 to 1983. Roselyne in Arcangues was shot at Château Arcangues for French Vogue. The Amazonian Roselyne participates in the archetypal Newton fantasy of female exhibitionism and male voyeurism.

Roselyne in Arcangues

The School of Friendship

François Boucher (French, 1703-1770) – The School of Friendship, 1760 (Oil on canvas. Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe) – – The center of attention is the letter from the absent male. The two young women are in a pastoral setting. The brunette reclines and reads the letter while the blond listens and dreams. While the letter may declare love for one of the women, their friendship is strong and such a declaration brings them closer together, as evidenced by the position of their bodies.

François Boucher (French, 1703-1770) - The School of Friendship

Woman with Lyre

Leopold Schmutzler (Bohemian-born German, 1864-1940) – Woman with Lyre (Oil on canvas) – – By the turn of the century, Schmutzler had become one of the busiest portrait painters in Munich. He received important commissions from the Bavarian Royal Family, but also portrayed dancers and other popular performers. His style was generally realistic with Art-Deco elements. He always paid great attention to his subject’s clothing.

Leopold Schmutzler (Bohemian-born German, 1864-1940) - Woman with Lyre