The Blonde Minx – Yolande Donlan

Sir William Russell Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969) – The Blonde Minx (Oil on canvas) – – This work encapsulates the Hollywood glamour that the American actress Yolande Donlan brought to post-war London, bewitching theatre goers and making her the toast of the town. When exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1949 it attracted stellar reviews and was voted the picture of the exhibition. Flint was extremely well suited to capture such theatrical beauty…

Sir William Russell Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969) - The Blonde Minx



Charles-Antoine Coypel IV (French, 1694-1752) – Héloïse, 1742 (Pastel. Musée des Augustins) – – Héloïse was a brilliant scholar of Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and had a reputation for intelligence and insight. Abélard writes that she was nominatissima, “most renowned” for her gift in reading and writing. Educated by Abélard in medicine and other traditional subjects taught in higher education at the time, Héloïse gained quite a reputation as a physician in her role as abbess of Paraclete…

Charles-Antoine Coypel IV (French, 1694-1752) – Héloïse

Diana Wynyard in ‘The Silent Knight’

Ethel Léontine Gabain (French-English, 1883-1950) – Diana Wynyard in ‘The Silent Knight’, 1938 (Oil on canvas. Walker Art Gallery) – – Wynyard was signed in 1932 to a contract at MGM. She starred in Rasputin and the Empress (1932) and in Cavalcade (1933), for which she received an Academy Award nomination. She returned to England, moving between film and stage roles. The Silent Knight was a romantic comedy in three-acts, which appeared at St James Theatre during the 1937-38 season…

Ethel Léontine Gabain (French-English, 1883-1950) - Diana Wynyard



Károly Lotz (Hungarian, 1833-1904) – Muse, c.1890s (Oil on canvas. Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest) – – Lotz came to study at the school of Karl Heinrich Rahl in Vienna after student years in the private school of Jakab Marastoni and the workshop of Henrik Weber in 1852. As a talented pupil he was quickly given the opportunity to take part in the execution of Rahl’s monumental fresco commissions…

Károly Lotz (Hungarian, 1833-1904) – Muse


Sandra Martens

Sandra Martens as dancer with art screen in “Demi Plié” – Martens wears ballerina inspired looks with dazzling jewelry. Fashion from Adler, Gitza Gate, Eres, Marks and Spencer, Wolford, and Fuat Hayat.

Sandra Martens


Awakening Girl

Eva Gonzalès (French, 1849-1883) – Awakening Girl (Oil on canvas. Kunsthalle Bremen) – – This is a deceptively simple work with most of the canvas covered by the whiteness of the bed linens and the woman’s gown. One’s eye is drawn to the beautiful face of the woman, which is framed, in stark contrast, by her dark hair. The background is balanced by the bedside table on which lie the blue flowers and the book which was likely read prior to the woman sleeping.

Eva Gonzalès (French, 1849-1883) - Awakening Girl


April Ball (Black Swan)

In the world according to “LAC (After Swan Lake),” a trashy reinterpretation by Jean-Christophe Maillot for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, there are two types of women: the kind you marry and the kind you sleep with. April Ball’s primal Black Swan is a predator. Her mother, known as Her Majesty of the Night (Maude Sabourin), is even more overheated. – April Ball (Black Swan) in LAC, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, April 2014. © Dave Morgan

April Ball (Black Swan)