The Artist’s Muse

Imre Goth (Hungarian/British, 1893-1982): Portrait of the Artist’s Muse, 1932 (Oil on wood panel) – Goth studied at Budapest Academy and later in Berlin in the 1920s with Arthur Kampf… As he achieved recognition as a portrait painter, he received commissions from the stars of the emerging Berlin film industry, and in the early 1930s he was commissioned to paint both Field Marshall Goering and his wife. In 1935 he showed a collection of his works at the New Galleries in Birmingham and with favourable criticism, decided to immigrate to England…

Imre Goth Portrait of the Artist’s Muse


Lovis Corinth in his atelier, Munich

Lovis Corinth in his atelier, Munich (Rainer Metzger: Die große Zeit um 1900: Kunst und Kultur 1890-1920) – Corinth painted Mary Magdalen a number of times but never as dramatically as in this work, seen in background… A sense of movement is generated through the contrasting directions of the Magdalen’s pose and the brushstrokes behind. The look on her face and the placement of her splayed hand on her chest suggest a sudden expression of regret or anxiety, and her eyes look swollen, as if from crying…

Lovis Corinth in his atelier, Munich

Reclining Woman in Studio

Sigmund Menkes (Polish/American, 1896-1986): Reclining Woman in Studio (Oil on canvas) – Early in his career his paintings exhibited a Fauvist aesthetic… Menkes’s creative stance was especially strongly influenced by the work of Henri Matisse… Women depicted in interiors were a frequent motif; their approximated shapes were surrounded by fluid, bending contour lines that at times broke free of the color areas they surrounded…

Sigmund Menkes  Reclining Woman in Studio


Roman Amethyst

Roman Amethyst Intaglio of a Girl Riding a Sea Monster, 1st Century BC/AD – This was possibly made by the master carver Dioscurides, who was the favorite gem carver of the Emperor Augustus…
It is possible that this intaglio portrays one of two possible subjects, the nymph Aura or a Nereid riding on a sea-bull, sea-goat or some other type of horned sea monster. A small seal swims in the ocean behind them…

Roman Amethyst Intaglio of a Girl Riding a Sea Monster


Portrait in Blue and Gold

Alexander Akerbladh (Swedish, 1886-1958): Portrait in Blue and Gold c.1920s. – Akerbladh studied architecture at the Glasgow School of Art and subsequently art at St John’s Wood School in London and also in Munich… He lived in London, exhibiting at the Royal Academy between 1916 and 1957, the Royal Portrait Society and also at the National Portrait Society in Liverpool…

Alexander Akerbladh Portrait in Blue and Gold


Portrait of Dr. Gachet

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890): Portrait of Dr. Gachet, 1890 (Oil on canvas. First version) – Van Gogh painted Gachet, his physician… resting his right elbow on a red table, head in hand. Two yellow books, one of which is Manette Salomon, as well as the purple medicinal herb foxglove are displayed on the table… The doctor’s “sensitive face”, of which van Gogh wrote to Paul Gauguin, carried “the heartbroken expression of our time.”

Vincent van Gogh Portrait of Dr. Gache


Divan Japonais

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901): Divan Japonais c.1892-93 (Color lithograph, Chicago, Smart Museum of Art) – Advertises a Parisian nightclub known for its pseudo-Japanese décor… The singer Jane Avril occupies the center, her orange hair contrasting boldly with the black silhouette of her body. Together, the curvilinear yellow chair, Avril’s crumpled handbag, and the beard and cane of her companion, the writer Édouard Dujardin, create a pattern of flat colored shapes…

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Divan Japonais