Jeune Fille à la Partition

Jean Metzinger (French, 1883-1956): Jeune Fille à la Partition, c.1927 (Oil on canvas) – Metzinger was a painter, theorist, writer, critic and poet. His earliest works were influenced by Neo-Impressionism of Georges Seurat and others. Later, Metzinger worked in the Divisionist (Chromoluminarism) and Fauvism styles. From 1908 he was directly involved with Cubism, both as an artist and principal theorist of the movement… Between 1918 and 1923 Metzinger moved away from Cubism towards realism, while still retaining elements of Cubist style. His firmly constructed pictures are brightly colored and visually metaphoric. He then turned towards a more classical or decorative approach to painting with elements of Surrealism…

Jean Metzinger  Jeune Fille à la Partition


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