Pierrot and Columbine

Jules Chéret (French, 1836-1932) – Pierrot and Columbine, c.1890 (Pastel on canvas) – – In 1892, rich banker baron Jonas Vitta commissions Jean-Camille Forgé to build his residence. Baron Joseph Vitta takes over the project and oversees the décor of the spectacular villa. Many artists work on the residence: Rodin, Albert Besnard, Félix Bracquemond, and Jules Chéret, dear friend of the baron’s, paints murals with such colors and lyrism that they will be moved to the Hôtel de Ville, Paris.

Jules Chéret - Pierrot and Columbine

La Lettre

François Flameng (French, 1856-1923) – La Lettre (Oil on panel) – – Beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful clothes—Francois Flameng loved to paint them all. Born in an art studio in Paris in 1856, Flameng may have known from an early age that he was destined to be an artist. Paris was the center of the art world and his father was a celebrated engraver who had once wished to be a painter.

François Flameng - La Lettre

Reading pleasure

Fakhraddin Mokhberi (Iranian, born 1965) – Reading pleasure – – “For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that may be lived, for fiction, biography, and history offer an inexhaustible number of lives in many parts of the world, in all periods of time.” – Louis L’Amour

Fakhraddin Mokhberi - Reading pleasure

Girl on a Bicycle

Georgy Kurasov (b. 1958, Russian Cubist Painter) – Girl on a Bicycle – – – Albertine, … at Balbec, incessantly in flight upon her bicycle, never to be found owing to the number of little watering-places where she would go to spend the night with her girl friends and where moreover her untruths made it more difficult to lay hands upon her… – Marcel Proust: In Search of Lost Time

Georgy Kurasov  - Girl on a Bicycle

April Ball (Black Swan)

In the world according to “LAC (After Swan Lake),” a trashy reinterpretation by Jean-Christophe Maillot for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, there are two types of women: the kind you marry and the kind you sleep with. April Ball’s primal Black Swan is a predator. Her mother, known as Her Majesty of the Night (Maude Sabourin), is even more overheated. – April Ball (Black Swan) in LAC, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, April 2014. © Dave Morgan

April Ball (Black Swan)

Nurture of Jupiter

Jeffrey Mims (American, born 1954) – Nurture of Jupiter, 1995 (Oil on canvas. Oglethorpe University Museum) – Mims is founder and director of the Academy of Classical Design, a school of fine art with an emphasis on traditional mural painting and architectural decoration. The Academy serves as the educational branch of The Classical Design Foundation, a US based non-profit which was established for the preservation and practice of classical design in the public realm.

D. Jeffrey Mims - Nurture of Jupiter

The Green Fan

Robert Henri (American, 1865-1929) – The Green Fan (also known as Girl of Toledo, Spain), 1912 (Oil on canvas. Gibbes Museum of Art) – From 1906 to 1914, Henri executed some of his best work including appealing pictures of children so vivid and refreshing that they recall the work of Frans Hals. Henri moved farther away from portraits to depict instead racial and ethnic types in realistic composition. Numerous times during this period, he exhibited at the Gibbes Museum, The Green Fan was purchased from the 1913 installation.

Robert Henri - The Green Fan